Fire From The Sky

Inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning.
- but then what?

Inspiration is often symbolized by fire descending from the sky -- lightning, tongues of flame, a burning bush.
Fire can be useful, or it can be a destructive force.

It is what you do with inspiration that matters.

Art can be whatever it pleases... but-"Is it art?"

Esthetic engineering is the purposeful use of material that appeals to the senses.

Writing, music, and the graphic arts influence our minds, giving rise to thoughts and emotions. The more controlled and directed that effect, the closer "art" approaches to esthetic engineering.

What does all that have to do with? Well, you could call me an artist, or a writer, or a musician--but those are limited labels. Life can't be chopped up and stuck into little pigeonholes. Everything is connected. Whether I am writing a song or designing a website, all of me is involved. I am an esthetic engineer. I see the patterns, make the connections, communicate as clearly as possible.

E-mail me if you have any questions.

...or if you have The Answer...

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Welcome to FFTS.
(Ask a cat how to pronounce that)
book cover art

My prehistoric fantasy A Drum Is Empty is now available on Smashwords in several ebook formats. Also available are some related short stories. The novel is $4.95; the shorts are free.

book cover art

Arual's lil house on the peninsula -- archive of one incarnation of my first site. Good for a laff.

Unlimited Opportunity!

Pyramid Scheme Alert
Think about it. Then think again. "Legal" MLM rackets have probably claimed more victims than those that are labeled scams. Multi-level marketing is the only "business" with a 99% failure rate.
Download/view my MLM PowerPoint Presentation - entertaining "infomercial" (right-click and "Save as" to download) ca. 2MB

Friends don't sell false promises to friends.

False Profits Blog




George Washington grew hemp. Let freedom ring!


Where Lightning Strikes - NASA sensors map it out worldwide

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